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Unit Sizes My Solution
« on: June 13, 2017, 06:33:55 PM »
I have been playing for a while and like the game system, I understand the philosophy of the unit sizes but it does bug me a bit with the Large units and seemingly no correlation between sub unit sizes and base numbers. So, I could see a therapist or do my own little changes that seem logical to me, as an ex British Soldier. 
So, for the British I figured that Each infantry battalion had 4 Grand Divisions (of 2 companies/platoons), a Light Company and a Grenadier Company, it seemed I could make my units consist of 5 bases like this:
4 x Grand Division Bases, basically the center companies
1x Grenadier Base, assuming they were better manned and had the fighting ability of 2 smaller center companies.
2/3 Skirmish Bases for the Light Company.
Using the same logic for the French:
4 Center Companies
1 Grenadier Company
Skirmish bases for the light company
Hence all my infantry, both British and French can be the same size in bases, even though the Brits may on paper have bigger battalions, in reality it was rarely the case. You can still make detach and make composite Grenadier Battalions and/or have light regiments/composite Light units etc... You can even form up the French attack column historically with the Grenadier company formed up on the right, 3 basis wide and this would mean more firepower but then makes it harder to gang up 3 columns on a single line.

As for the Large British Calvary units, I just find it much better to have 3 Dragoon Regiments than 2 Large, except that at Waterloo you could arguably combine the Horse/Life guard units from a brigade into a Large Regiment for both the Guards and Union Brigades.
It seems to work well that way for me, what do you think?

BTW, I use the Large Regiment for the Brunswick Hussars, combining them with their Ulan Sqn of 2 bases, numerically they were around the size of 2 British Cav units on the day at Waterloo. EG, I think the 1 Ulan Sqn was a similar size numerically as the 1st Life Guards.

I realized a while ago there are no right answers just whatever works between players, I will look forward to any feed back.