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one thing I have noticed is a severe lack of good rules for small scale miniatures and mass combat, Warmaster is still played to this day but not being able to obtain the rulebooks has led to a huge gap in this market.

Do you think a fantasy ruleset is possible?

Le Grand Fromage:
I've had an interest in it for years, although admittedly I haven't played in more than a decade.

I've come up with a lot of ideas for it over the years but never finalized any of them.

It's great to know its something on your mind and that there are a number of ideas in the works.

I play a lot of Longstreet and often show it to the club I attend ( we have started Blucher) when I get my 15mm Rebs out and explain the mechanism I always get the comments' wish there was a fantasy version'.

I guess the big thing would be the army lists, and an interesting amount of units, weapons and skills. Maybe each race would have there own card deck, this providing the individuality and unit specific abilities?

Even things like replacing the generals and having warlords instead with there abilities would work well.

A points based system with troop class and Úlan like in Zlongstreet would be great and a base point cost so units could be small or hoard like?

I have no doubt it would take some work but what an amazing game it would make.

Here's hoping!

Le Grand Fromage:

--- Quote ---Maybe each race would have there own card deck, this providing the individuality and unit specific abilities?
--- End quote ---

Correct.  Each race/army had its own deck, with different values for movement, magic, combat skill, etc.

Some of those ideas, such as using the card values for movement, went into Aurelian. 

I'm guessing just like with the other rules systems basing it around base widths again will mean it would be playable at any scale.

I was going to ask about magic, yes of course keeping it within the cards again makes it individual to races, I say it would be a lot of work, which it will but coming up with spells will be great fun.

I look forward to one October with the announcement of your Fantasy set, I'm sure if you decide to release one it will be a smash!


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