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Blücher Scenario Bucket / Re: Battle of Großbeeren - 23rd August, 1813
« Last post by itchysama on October 16, 2018, 06:30:20 AM »
Prussianhussaruk Great game! Thanks for sharing.

We fought this recently as well in 6mm using non-historical OOB (but historically available forces).
If you want to check out the battle report, it's on my blog:
Maurice Rules Questions / Re: Clerics & the Rev. Whitehouse
« Last post by Le Grand Fromage on October 15, 2018, 05:39:58 PM »
The Rev. Howard is a Notable. But you have the option instead to use him as a Cleric (marker.)

If your army already has clerics (i.e. you rolled to see how many you have), then Rev. Howard is simply another one.

(If you already have clerics, there's no need to use him as an additional cleric, most likely.)
Maurice Rules Questions / Clerics & the Rev. Whitehouse
« Last post by ianjgow on October 15, 2018, 07:36:38 AM »
I've searched the posts for this but can't find an answer.
If my army has the Clerics National Advantage, I understand that only 1 Cleric may be used per turn but if I also have the Rev. Whitehouse as a Notable, can he be used in the same turn as 1 of my Clerics or not?


Maurice Rules Questions / Re: Towns & Hard Cover
« Last post by ianjgow on October 14, 2018, 02:31:29 PM »
I wondered whether Grenadier unit should be allowed to use Massed Infantry in order to attack strong points like this? Just being picky I suppose.

In any event, tonight’s game saw me defending & placing a Regular Spanish Infantry unit in a central Town with a Ploughed Field in front & hills to each flank. My Austrian opponent simply ignored the Town & proceeded to destroy both of my flanks, aided & abetted by my right flank Spanish Guard Cavalry (Maison du Roi) rolling 1 for every Combat (no, really!) & his swarm of Grenze on my left taking out my other flank, sniping from the Woods.

This just makes me love the rules more… I think ;)
Maurice Rules Questions / Re: Towns & Hard Cover
« Last post by srmlaw on October 14, 2018, 07:17:18 AM »
You can try moving an infantry, or better an irregular infantry, unit into the town behind the garrison, so that part of their shooting strength has to be diverted from keeping the assaulters at bay.  But better is to attack the garrison with more than one unit, and to use the grenadiers as attackers, since that is what they are supposed to be for!
Rules Questions / Re: Placing Rivers
« Last post by Zanoni on October 14, 2018, 12:00:19 AM »
Thanks Daren that does make sense and is pretty much what we thought.

Rules Questions / Re: Placing Rivers
« Last post by darenrussell on October 13, 2018, 03:45:54 PM »
Hi Zanoni,

The river sections run along the edge of the squares not through them.
In your example the river would either run along the border of A and D or D and G.
Although E has been reserved as open terrain the river can still border it, eg run along the border B and E from A and D.
Hope my explanation makes sense.

Rules Questions / Placing Rivers
« Last post by Zanoni on October 13, 2018, 10:37:59 AM »
Hi all,

Having run through all the scenarios with mid-war Western Desert armies we have now moved on to late war Allies and Germans.

One thing that we are not sure about is the placement of rivers (we didn't use them in the desert!). The rules state that a river segment is the length of one border and that, when placed, it must be placed so that at least one of it's ends touches another river segment or the edge of the board.

The issue we have is what happens when one player places a river segment and the other player then reserves open terrain in the next square. Assuming a grid of squares like this:


In the grid above if I place a river segment in square D ending at the border of square E what happens when my opponent reserves E as open terrain? Does this stop me deploying any further segments to extend the river or can I instead run it into squares A, G, B or H?

I hope that makes sense, I guess in some way my question is do you place all the river segments then 'join them up' at the end or not.

Any advice appreciated!

Maurice Rules Questions / Re: Towns & Hard Cover
« Last post by Le Grand Fromage on October 13, 2018, 09:51:49 AM »
Towns are supposed to be good defensive positions but they're hardly invulnerable. The game requires you to soften them up first and then to make multiple attempts against them, as was almost always the case historically.

Since a unit always suffers at least 1 DISR in combat, no matter the outcome, the garrison will eventually be overcome.

IN the meantime, if you have good-quality infantry, preferably attacking with better than 1-1 odds and/or in Massed formation, then you have a decent chance of beating the garrison:

8+1-2-2 = One die plus 5. Your range of outcomes are probably in the 6-11 range, depending upon whether you have the right tactical cards, and before considering any bonus for outnumbering the defender.

If this really is something so important as the objective that determines who wins the game, then I'd hope that you've prepared adequately, with good units in sufficient number, and saved some good combat modifying cards.  Otherwise, there would be a lot more complaints on this forum that towns are too easy to take, thus ending games too easily.
Maurice Rules Questions / Re: Towns & Hard Cover
« Last post by ianjgow on October 13, 2018, 09:19:44 AM »
Thanks. I can see no reason to Garrison troops right on the edge of a Town as their Fire Zone  can pass through less than 1BW so just place them 1/2BW inside & in practice any Attacker WILL be Disrupted & in Combat will get -1 DISR & -2 Bad Terrain, a total of -3 with the Defender able to re-roll any duff Combat dice, so stands little chance of success – at best they’ll Fall Back 1BW & it all starts again.

There is the option to Bombard, which does not suffer from Hard Cover re-roll of succesful d6 but still gets -1 for Cover meaning only 5+ rolls succeed & a 50% chance of a Trained Garrison to nullify Disruption.
However, this means foregoing advancing on the Town (& Objective) remember, you can’t Bombard overhead from a Hill while your Infantry move forwards & so the Attacker must Bombard successfully 2 or 3 times without the Garrison Rallying any Hits in order to weaken them, but then they can try to Rally again while the Infantry move up to Assault.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a great fan of not being able to co-ordinate attackes with only 1 Force moving per phase & Towns should not be easy to take but we have not used them extensively by mutual agreement because of their perceived invulnerability.

It seems to me that, given a choice, a Defender will always choose a Town & because the Objective MUST be placed in the Town as a priority, it is unlikely that an Attacker can win by taking the Objective.
If anyone has had a different experience I would be grateful for their input. If not, the Attacker’s only hope of victory is to reduce the enemy to 0 Morale.

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