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Simple Regimental Morale House Rule...
« on: August 25, 2017, 02:03:38 AM »
Hi All,

I have always thought in Longstreet our Regiments always fighting to the last man...we'll stand at least isn't quite right. Now I don't want to break a game I really enjoy but I've tried quite successfully a simple set of morale rules that don't add much game time and add in flavour where depleted units aren't so eager to charge and get you that extra Epic Point  :)...

Here's what I do...

There is a morale phase at the beginning of each player turn.
All regiments roll 1D6 if they have 5 or fewer bases.
Die modifiers -1 if in cover -1 if a leader is attached
If the result is greater than the number of bases in the regiment it fails its morale for the turn.
Failure means that unit can't charge this turn or move closer to any enemy units, it can fire, move sideways, change formation etc...
A natural 6 on the morale rule means that unit withdraws 1/2 speed directly to the rear retaining facing (it will keep going to clear any units) this is done at the beginning of the action phase regardless of the option the player selects charge, move or pass...

It's worked well for me and I like it so sharing it...8)...


Here's a link a post on my gaming groups Blog where I discuss this rule and one I'm now experimenting with where you for you action phase you have a choice of four different Actions to pick one from: Pass, Move, Charge or Charge & Move  :)...

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