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« on: January 17, 2018, 02:53:25 PM »
Dear friends and customers:

I have to be careful how I discuss this, since there are legal issues involved, so I will be brief:

My wife and I bought a new house in November, and some very serious structural and safety issues have arisen, forcing us, as of last week, to evacuate. This has of course disrupted everything, as we're living out of six suitcases and a few boxes.

The business is still in operation; if you order products from me, I can send them, but I ask your indulgence on other matters. Nearly 100% of my free time and energy is now being spent dealing with inspectors, builders, and legal matters. I cannot devote the requisite time to this site, for serious moderation, nor can I do things like create new scenarios, new downloads, new podcasts, and so on.

This state of affairs unfortunately will probably last for months.

There is no need to email me with suggestions or questions about my predicament: Not that I don't appreciate the goodwill, but rather simply I am already overrun with important communications 24-7, and the less the better.

Thank you for understanding. I will do my best to check in here from time to time, and to keep the machine chugging along, until such time as I can devote more energy to it.

Sam Mustafa