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Game 2 - 4 Player Campaign AAR
« on: March 17, 2018, 12:06:21 AM »
We played Game 2 of our 4 Player Longstreet Campaign.

The CSA chose to defend and the Union troops attacked and did quite well refusing their left and pushing forward their centre and right. They successfully pushed the Rebs back and reduced their artillery with massed musketry. The Rebs weren't helped when 'Picket Fence' Leghorn was wounded in the hand and virtually lost a turn...yup Dave rolled a SIX when the 'They Couldn't Hit an Elephant...' event card was played against him..i.e. a wounded leaders force has reduces activity in that turn DOH! But after iniyial reverses the Confederates straightened their line and started inflicting casualties on the Union units. At that point maybe fearing a Rebel Yell inspired charge the Federals thinking discretion was the better part of valour decided to retire from the battlefield to lick their wounds.

Colonel Leghorn's Rebels try to straighten their line in the foreground as masses of Yankees advance avoiding the Confederates at the stone wall!

Colonel Campett directing his gunners on Cow Hill as Yankee infantry advance!

The full AAR is on the TSOG Blog...
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