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Campaign - Game 8 - AAR
« on: August 07, 2014, 10:29:28 PM »
Hi All,

This was the eighth game in our Longstreet campaign only one to go. We played this the night before Little Wars Adelaide, Dave will be back in town in October so we hope to get the final game in then.

This is the last of the three 1864 games with the Union side is now favoured by the minimum force totals and the action deck size! At this stage of the campaign the Rebels are up four wins to the Unions three while the Confederate leader is only two points ahead in the Epic Points race.

This scenario was a “Meeting Engagement” and the Union side won the scouting roll again and decided to be the first player. The extra terrain included a stream, a couple of hills, some rough ground and extra wooded areas.

The Federal leader Albert Potts (Drill Master, European Experience Skills & Artillery Officer) had the below forces:

Combined Zouave, 63rd NY & 11th MN Rgt E V 4 bases
64th NY Rgt S V 5 bases + Hero
95th NY Rgt S R 7 bases + Hero
69th NY Rgt S V 8 bases + Hero
102nd NY Rgt S R 10 bases
57th USCT Rgt S V 4 bases + Hero
11th & 12th NY Cav Rgt S V 5 bases
A Batt 2bases
E Batt 3 bases
F Batt 3 bases

The Rebel leader Zachariah Grimes (Cavalry Officer, Artillery Officer & Fire and Brimstone Preacher) had the below troops:

7th NC Rgt C V 3 bases + Hero
58th NC Rgt C V 5 bases + Hero
106th Vir Rgt S R 10 bases
111th Vir Rgt S V 3 bases
105th Vir Rgt C R 5 bases + Hero
85th NC Rgt C V 8 bases
Combined 2nd Mtd Cav Bn & 69th Vir Cav Rgt S V 5 bases
Artillery Support II 2 bases
Artillery Support III 2 bases
Artillery Support IV 2 bases

Game Summary

The initial terrain favoured the Rebels as the Federals had a stream cunningly deployed right in front of their forces by the Rebel commander to hamper their deployment! The centre of the board offered both sides good opportunities to manoeuvre.

During the early turns both sides forces fanned out the Rebels cavalry attempting to turn the Federals right and in turn the Federals sent their provisional regiment of infantry out on their left to try to turn the Rebels right!

By turn 4 both sides’ main bodies deployed in the centre of the battlefield and a firefight broke out. The Union troops got the better of this duel.

On the flanks the Rebel cavalry was stalled by a regiment of dismounted Union cavalry while the Unions provisional regiment slipped successfully around the Rebels right flank.

Turn five saw a successful charge by two Union regiments in the centre wipe out a Rebel unit and open a wide hole in their line, 5 Rebel bases were lost at no cost to the Union.

Turn six saw both sides exchanging fire with the Rebels continuing to lose bases faster than the Federals but the action tapered off as both sides played their “They Couldn’t Hit an Elephant…” cards during the turn leaving both commanders with only a couple of cards to play.

Already on turn seven the Rebels were nearing their breaking point the Federal dice were running hot! Dave tried to win the initiative back with a charge supported by the good ol’ “Rebel Yell” card, here the heavy losses of the previous game caught up with the Rebels their now cautious regiments failed to score many hits on the attack.

On turn eight after again successfully firing on the Rebels the Unions regiments redeployed to maximize their firepower. The Rebels charged again and were for a second time thrown back by the Union forces.

In their part of turn nine the Federals again charged the Rebel line assisted by a flank attack by their now well placed provisional regiment. This charge was successful and the losses forced the Rebels passed their breaking point.

All over in eight and half turns! My dice rolling was scarily lucky though, out of 38 attacking charge dice rolls in the game I got 30 hits and my firing dice were also hitting at a high percentage (these dice are now wrapped in ermine and stored in my safe!). Dave’s now cautious Rebel regiments on the other hand barely scored a hit when charging. We both agree that the simple system of elan and experience ratings balancing regiments attack and fire abilities created a very realistic feel for the game!

In the end the Union army lost only 7 bases to the Confederates 27! Brigadier Grimes earned 6 Epic Points to General Potts 9 the respective totals stand at 41 and 44 meaning Potts has again hit the lead with one game to go!


Note – in the pictures below the tan square of felt represents crops and the light brown ‘ovals’ are one level hills!

Board layout with forces deployed

Rebel set up

Yankee set up

Game Turn 2
Both side rush forward to gain the available high ground and cover from the Rebel view

Game Turn 3
Overall view with the Yankees on the left of the picture and the Rebels on the right

Union artillery reaching the high ground in the centre of the battlefield

Game Turn 4
The action begins with a firefight here the Rebels loose a volley

Game Turn 5
The Grand Yankee charge! The 105th Virginia regiment is completely routed with 11 hits to five

Where did that Rebel regiment go! The gap in the Rebel line after the Yankee charge this is a rare sight in our games a whole unit going up in smoke!

A Yankee battery firing, we mark our guns with smoke just for the effect and it also helps us know which units have fired!

Game Turn 7
Up goes the 'Rebel Yell' and the Confederates charge in the hope of regaining the iniative and inflicting some losses on the boys in blue...the result they scored 3 hits to the Yankees five...

Overhead view of the game during the Rebel part of the turn

Game Turn 8
Another unsuccessful Rebel charge! Dave hung his head even when I rolled a rare single hit it was all he could manage too   :-\

Game Turn 9
Unstoppable Yankees charge again in the centre...

...and on the flank

Positions at the games end
From the Yankee view

From the Rebel view
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Re: Campaign - Game 8 - AAR
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2014, 03:57:35 AM »
Terrific battle report, Darling, thanks for sharing. I had to chuckle when I read about the mutual paralysis inflicted by "they couldn't hit an elephant". Something very similar happened in one of our games. Great photos too!