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1/72nd Napoleonic figures


I currently sell Fantassin (Warmodelling) 15mm figures on line but have been approached by another Spanish company, who are re-introducing a range of 1/72nd white metal Napoleonic figures after some early financial problems, and want me to add them to the range I offer. The figures are currently aimed at filling gaps in the ranges of 1/72nd plastics that are available. For example, they offer Spanish 1808 line and grenadier figures plus some irregular Spanish cavalry (Lanceros de Carmona and Garrochistas) and KGL heavy cavalry.

I made up a couple of small armies from the time, about 7 years ago, when I first sold these in the UK and plan to re-base them and play to Lasalle rules. This will involve purchasing a few more figures - which I'll be happy to do because the moulding and design are excellent - but I would like to ask the members of this forum whether they see a future for the scale and, if so, what future offerings they think would be of interest.

If the site administration judges this posting to be contrary to their policies, please remove it and accept my apologies.

Mike Oliver

Old Grunt:
I game exclusively in 1/72, so you would get a lot of my money.  The idea of filling the gaps left in plastic ranges is great as well especially since most of the plastic manufacturers seen to be slipping away from Napoleonics.

Are you telling about the old Falcata miniatures? They were well sculpted but IMHO were too stylised and grown-up

I only just re-visited this topic because I have been waiting to hear from the figure manufacturer. Yes, it was the old Falcata figures I was talking about. Sadly, I felt the samples I was sent were sub-standard and needed much improvement. I have now waited something like 4 months for a response from the manufacturer but nothing has turned up. I can only assume that he has turned his attentions elsewhere for a UK representative or that he is unwilling or unable to make the improvements.

I think he has a blog where the figures are on offer but I must say: "beware of the quality".




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