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6mm Prussians, what to use for what?


Could people give me some pointers on what to use for 1813 Prussians? Given the infantry brigade and the four support choices I've put together a list of all the unit types I'd need. I'm just wondering what to use for what? Some are pretty easy to guess but not all of them. I'm looking at going with Baccus:

* Infantry - NPR1 Prussian Line Infantry
* Reserve - NPR2 Reserve Infantry
* Landwehr - NPR3 Landwehr Infantry
* Guard/Grenadier - NPR23 Prussian Grenadiers? These are from an earlier time period from the rest of the troops, will they work or is there something better?
* SK bases - Rule question here, these are additional SKs that can go on any unit, correct? If so I'll make sure I got enough extra skirmishers for each of the three infantry types to account for these.

* Landwehr Cav - NPR9 Prussian Reserve Cavalry (guessing here)
* Hussar - NPR7 Prussian Hussars
* Dragoon - NPR6 Prussian Dragoons
* Cuirassier - NPR5 Prussian Kurassiers
Each of the BTYs are listed as Cannons: 3. That means 3 stands with 2 cannons on each? Baccus only has one type at the moment: NPR10 Prussian Artillery. Would that be a foot, heavy or horse? Hopefully some others options will be put out. Could NPR28 Prussian Artillery - Bicorne be used for anything?


I'm not sure of the Baccus codes, but by 1813 the Prussian army did not use Bicrons.

Also, in this period the Prussian guards/grenadier wore the same uniform as the line, but with slightly more trim. What I did for my 15mm's was to paint them without the shako covers. This means they have different shako's than the normal line. See these links for examples of my painting attempts first the elite infantry vs normal line.

As for the skirmish bases, these may well be Jagers - again with Shako's.

I believe Baccus do a mix and match thing with cannons/art and crew as well but you'd have to check the site for details.

Hope this helps.


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