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Bacuss gaming day...Sheffield UK


Hi Lads....enjoy the bacuss gaming day pics....6mm is a very good scale for wargames and in my opinion reflects the bigger battles in the best way :D

The Vimeiro board is one of the best I have seen for quite awhile and will be at alot of the shows in the UK :)

In the Battle of Vimeiro (August 21, 1808) the British under General Arthur Wellesley defeated the French under Major-General Jean-Andoche Junot near the village of Vimeiro (Portuguese pronunciation: [viˈmɐjɾu]), near Lisbon, Portugal during the Peninsular War. This battle puts an end to the French first invasion of Portugal.

not sure who the kid is with the stripey shirt ;) ....nice to see Toni and Lizzy Dripping though :D


Very nice battlefield.
I also love the scale.

Thanks Paul for sharing.
Paul, do you know if they will bring the table to CRISIS 2012 (Antwerp) in November?
This is one of the few occasions I have the chance to see such tables in reality.


Steve J:
Now that is a lovely looking table.

Fredrick Augustus, Duke of Wabansia:
I love the table also!  How was the land forms made? 

Very cool!

What sort of basing are you using for 6mm?


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