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Veteran French vs. Conscript



Just looking over the penninsular list for the French, and had a question.  While in the later period, you can distinguish between veteran and conscripts by uniform (the conscripts in Bardin kit), how have people done it for earlier stages in the conflict?


Great coat vs normal uniform maybe? Or different manufactures of figs. :)

My guess is one would be more scruffy than the other - veterans probably looked worse than conscripts.

George Krashos:
Trousers. My veterans have plenty of tan, brown and beige trousers among them. My conscripts are a bit more uniform (more white trousers) and also have a few more in greatcoats.

-- George Krashos


So, the idea is that veteran troops would have locally sourced trousers?  Hmmm.  Not a bad idea, thanks.


JKS in san diego:
I use units from the elite brigade add-on.  I have these painted up as consolidated Grenadiers and Voltigers.  All the rest of my units are in formations with line infantry, grenadiers, and voltigeurs in a 4:1:1 ratiio.


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