Author Topic: Suggested Alteration to using the Deck  (Read 1281 times)

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Suggested Alteration to using the Deck
« on: September 04, 2016, 04:41:32 AM »
I note its around nine months since there's been any posting on House Rules so there's obviously a lot of satisfied customers out there, or a lack of imagination!  ;)

Just to shake the tree a little, I'd like to share an alternative method we have been using in game play, which we have found has some advantages.

One of the initial criticisms of Longstreet was that although the card play had the appearance of introducing random events into games, that wasn't actually the case as the players get to decide when these events occur.

Now obviously the cards come into you hand in a random fashion and you may not always have the right card(s) at the right time but it is possible to hold cards and introduce them when it best suits you and least suits your opponent. In truth, the very fact you get to play any card this way - as soon as you get it, or three turns later - means the game isn't truly random, but whatever.

We have looked at various ways to alter this and eventually came up with this simple suggestion. It may seem so slight as to be not worth the trouble (not that it is any trouble) but you may care to try it.

This is what we do:

The cards in the game remain the same and all their functions are unaltered. You still get your six card hand and Red Banner cards are still lost from the Deck immediately after using them, for their effect, rather than buying off hits.

However, once you have had your Shoot, Move, Combat phases, you immediately Discard all your remaining cards and your opponent does the same, with any they may have left after Interrupts and Buying Off hits.
You both then draw six new cards for his Shoot, Move, Combat phases and continue as normal.

The Discards just go into a pile as normal and you reshuffle as soon as you can no longer make a six card hand. No cards are taken from the Deck on reshuffle, or for any other reason during game play, other than losing a Red Banner after use.

The thinking here is that we have never seen a game played where one side has lost due to running out of cards anyway and the rapid turn over in the Decks caused by discarding six cards for both sides per player turn, needs the full Deck (less the Reds) to maintain the game.

This also means that the Union "Shortages" card has no meaning in the game other than to remove two hits and so stays in play for the whole time. This acts as some compensation for the Confederate "Local Assistance" card which of course has no chance of removal via a shuffle.  (Are we the only ones who take this card out for games North of the Potomac?)  :)

The gaming point of the card wastage, in terms of reduced player options, has never seemed strong enough to worry about, in our view. Maybe we are just careful with our Decks.

So what's the difference?

OK so it only eliminates one point of the "non random" effect - you can't hold cards - but it does force immediate choices - use it or lose it.

Also, you get a fast turn over of the card effects and get to use some of them that hardly see the light of day in "standard" play. Shooting effects become more common, as the bonus cards come up more often but the chance to "buy off" is more attractive when you know a particular card will be round again in the not too distant future. This along with the usual unpredictable dice rolls stops everyone being shot to hell, while making the game more in keeping with the era, through an incentive to trade volleys, as well as from the cards that give artillery a boost.

There are other more subtle advantages to the game as a whole but the best way to discover how it enhances things is to give it a try!

Sounds to simple to be any use but its not.


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Re: Suggested Alteration to using the Deck
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2016, 06:58:14 AM »
Why not just have both sides have a limit of five cards instead of six. During the active player's turn, the maximum number of cards they can use during their turn is five. One card for a fire phase, plus one to modify. Then one or two for a move or combat phase, plus one to modify. This makes a total of five. By giving both players only five cards instead of six, the active player does not get any extra choices.

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Re: Suggested Alteration to using the Deck
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2016, 08:54:37 AM »
Most people like the ability to hold cards in their hand. It gives them the ability to make plans, rather than just reacting to random chance all the time.

The other thing to consider, of course, is that if you discard everything, the game will end more quickly because you'll go through more Reshuffles and the deck will get smaller a lot faster. That will have an impact on certain scenarios, especially for the attacker.