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I'd like to keep the campaign simple to start with.
Just have a sliding scale of "Battle boxes" in a line with a "home objective" at either end. The number of boxes would depend on how long you wanted the campaign to run. Both armies start in the middle. A marginal victory moves the armies one square toward the losers "home", a decisive one moves 2 squares.

Everytime there is a battle, choose a random terrain card for battle in that box (even if you've battled in it previously). Set games up as normal. Epic points can be used as normal also, along with stated recruitment rules etc.

For national advantages, if you want a randomization, decide the number each will have, then shuffle and turn them one at a time. Throw a dice for each side. The high score gets that advantage and pays the cost. If die rolls are equal, remove it from play as it goes to neither side. If one side reaches the maximum before the other, keep rolling, but removing on tied die rolls only, until each have maximum advantages*. The same can be done for noteables.

If one side gets pushed back to it's home objective, it gets to choose the terrain card and automatically wins scouting. (You could have a sliding scouting advantage scale of some sort the further one side moves into the others territory, representing information from citizens etc).

Obviously, a side losing a battle in it's home objective loses the campaign and sues for peace.

You could also have surprise attacks (not starting in middle square), or have "set" terrain in the squares (e.g for a colonial campaign with more woods/jungle).

Perhaps the above will give some pointers for further thought, but that's what I cam up with off the top of my head as it were.

For a more complex (Imagi-nation) campaign, I was thinking of using a map of lower Michigan, and having area movement by counties, but it will need a lot more work. ( The army of Queen Amy of Eastern Michigania against the machinations of the Evil Duke Mark and his army of Western Michigania!)

All the best,

Mark C

* You might want to do this first, so you know how many points will remain for each army to spend on units etc.

Looks interesting.
Keep it coming.  ;)

It be interesting to see how this moves along.


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