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Had a small "bash" yesterday. Basic game 4 inf/2 cav/1 art per side, basic rules no terrain.
Despite playing solo but enhanced by my poor card memorization, really enjoyed it!  :)
I think I have the rules down generally, and not much reference to main rules book.
This is a game that I'm really going to enjoy playing more and I have some ideas in my head for a solo campaign.
Mark C
PS Next time I'll try and do a proper AAR, if anyone is interested.

I'd definitely be interested in an AAR.  The idea of a solo campaign is intriguing.  How would you run it?

I'd be interested too, thanks.

Sgt Steiner:

Would love to hear how you got on.

I had a solo bash as well check out some pics/thoughts at my blog


OK then, AAR next time is on!  :)
I'll try and get some ideas "on paper" in next couple of days. They are still ideas and the problem is I think of new things that sound great but add another layer and I want to try and keep it simple!  ::)
Watch this space!
Mark C


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