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Hi Guys,
I saw Eureka Miniatures have some Maurice army deals here : Maurice Army deals

Do you think it's enough to have a 100 points army ?

Thank you.

General Hans von Zieten:
it can be , if you take 4 of the infantry and three of the cavalry as trained , two infantry and one cavalry as elite , and 3 artillery that gives you 75 points , with 25 points for national advantages .
of course there are other ways to work it out , and it really depends on what kind of army you're trying to build .

Thanks,  but if you can, you add something to complete this army pack ( one or two Infantry units ? something else ?)

Thank you again.

 Six infantry units of 32 figures, four cavalry units of 12 figures, three guns, 12 artillery crew and a General and staff.

Our units using square base of 25mm are composed 16inf or 8cav. (art 25/50mm) noble 25mm CinC 50mm
The size of the army depend on the choice of BW size you made
Best regards

General Hans von Zieten:
and don't forget , if you're the attacker you'll need 1 extra regular or 2 extra irregular units .


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