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Hi all,
I just wanted to let those frequent solo players out there like myself, who may not have made up their minds whether or not Maurice works for them, that it seems to work just fine!  I have had a go now at a few AWI games involving all three arms and each time it has provided a fun and not predictable game.  The luck aspect of which cards are drawn for each side can change things quite unexpectedly (ie. "That's not on the map!") and if your anything like me, I simply forget what cards each side is holding! (seriously, I really do - it must be age!).
So, I will definitely be buying the full rules and cards and I can reassure any doubters out there to do so as well.
Kevin  :)

Thanks for the info, as I too do a lot of solo gaming. It seemed on first inspection it would be good for solo. I haven't downloaded the lite yet, but did go through the rules. In previous card driven games I've played solo, like GMT's C&C Ancient series, I would do a move and then blindly replace that sides cards, so I wouldn't know what they had while playing the other side. Don't know if it would work for these mechanics, but I'm sure there could be a "tweek" without unbalancing the entire system  ;D.

Mark C

Unless you're playing a "pass", you need to look at any freshly drawn cards as you may wish to use them as command span or modifying cards for a "march", "bombard" or "rally" action.
When playing solo wargames, you can never really be completely in the dark as to the other sides plans, but some systems lend themselves better than others.  Another good "solo" point about Maurice is that you have to make difficult decisions and can not do everything at once.  This means that a roll of the dice could make the decision for you (or your "opponent").

Hi everyone - first time post here.   I picked up Maurice mainly because of the card and solo aspects.   I am glad to read that others are enjoying the solo aspect of these rules.  I'll be using these for my AWI games.


I'll have to give SOLO Maurice a crack soon.
I do see the potential in solo play with Maurice.  ;D
Thanks for the comments and inspiration. ;)


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