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Artillery in half scale games
« on: April 05, 2013, 04:16:20 PM »
At present I play with half scale units, i.e. 2 stands 40 x 14 mm is an infantry unit. The whole thing scales down well and allows games on a small table 1BW = 20mm. But my sticking block has been artillery. I did use them as double units but it got very cludgy when they were involved in melee. When used as double stands they were ripe for picking by cavalry charging from beyond canister range (cards and DISR aside there is only a 1:18 chance of the not being destroyed).  So I'm trying the following.
Guns cost 4 then 8 then 12
Fire 2 dice at long range, 4 at canister.
Count a 2 stands and 3 points in melee.
This toughens up artillery in that unless doubled they are not automatically destroyed if beaten in melee, unless softened up before. Also they are harder to beat only 1:6 chance of destroyed in melee, but cost a bit more and can only be bought in groups of 2.

I have been thinking of how much an obstacle the allied batteries were at The Battle Of Hastenbeck 1757, the certainly did not give way at the first attack, but then did not last too long, when seriously assaulted.

I my be a bit sensitive because in a solo game I played one side had 4 batteries together, the other side side moved cavalry forward, played a card to stop volleys and charged destroying all 4 units at no cost to themselves. to add insult to injury I threw 5 or 6 for each gun and lost 8 break points!

Comments would be appreciated.