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Fencing Frog:
Not sure if this should go here or in the Imagination section.  Has any one considered rules for creating your own notables based on historic personalities or fictional characters.

This is something I am considering for my own games and I wanted to get an insight that might be available on the subject.

I quite like the idea of doing this too. I'd also like the possibility that players might get lumbered with a prince of the blood who is an utter duffer.

I suppose the only proviso, really, would be to mek sure that they don't become too dominant in the game.  A little tweak in your favour when in the right place, or (if using negative notables) a slight hinderance should be enough to add flavour, but not to unbalance the game.

Le Grand Fromage:
I originally started with "negative notables" but we phased them out during playtesting because people always found (often silly) ways to keep them out of the battle.  (Attach them to a conscript unit that is defending a mountaintop village nowhere near the fighting, etc.)

There was no point, in my opinion, of having "characters" that players would deliberately leave out of the game, for fear of a penalty.  So I made them all "positive" in some way, although often not in a way that you want or need. 

But since you never know what kind of enemy you might face next, on what kind of battlefield, then Who Knows.

Thank you for the insight, Sam. I cna see how that would happen  Just out of interest's sake (and partly because, as I am playing solo or with a friend who will also play purely for the spirit and narrative of the game) what sort of things did you light on for negatives?


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