Author Topic: DYO cards for Ga Pa in Great Northern War  (Read 1469 times)


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DYO cards for Ga Pa in Great Northern War
« on: April 05, 2015, 12:50:23 PM »
can I gauge your thoughts on this. 

We fancied having a Ga Pa option for the Swedes in the Great Northern War.  I've read previous comments here and we've used the suggested Bayonet and Cavaliers national advantage cards.  Here's something we may try next time, but using the DYO cards. 

Ga Pa
If the Swedish player chooses not to fire in his Volley phase, he may play this card as a modifier to his charge in order to fire just before charging into contact. 
The opponent can nullify Ga Pa this turn if he plays Firefight in the Volley phase.  The Ga Pa card remains in the Swedish (active) player's hand for another time.     

Now - I'm not quite sure of my sequence here, because even if the active Swedish player chooses not to Volley and a Firefight card is played by the opponent, that player doesn't know if the Swede even has the Ga Pa card or if it's a bluff.  But then, this is all part of Maurice with a good bit of bluff and double-bluff going on.  And since there are only 3 DYO cards and a couple of Firefight cards, the combined situation may never arise; though just the threat of Ga Pa may add some fun.         

Also, I'm not sure of a range value to use, though we'll probably go with 8 to start with. 

Any thoughts?