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Has anyone any ideas on how to treat early 18thC Dragoons which could and did fight dismounted. In the case of Hays Dragoons (Scots Greys) at the Schellenburg for instance they started the engagement mounted, dismounted then when a breach was made they re mounted and charged through. There are other examples of mounted then dismounted action then re mounting although I do not have the specifics to hand.

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Le Grand Fromage:
You mean rules for mounting and dismounting in the midst of the battle.  (Because the dragoons can be either one or the other, but the game doesn't have a rule for mounting or dismounting while in the field.)

A house rule would be pretty easy:  activate the unit(s) to March and then treat the mount/dismount as a change of formation:  i.e., it can do that, but that's the end of its move.

I question the desirability and wisdom of it, though, because then you'll have one or two units that are a separate force and require separate activation from the other mounted units.

I guess you could make this ability for dismounting/remounting be a custom advantage for cavalry - at say 9 pts (or maybe another value)... Just a thought.

Thanks for the replies, since I posted I decided to look a bit deeper into all things dragoon. Although many of us assume (myself included) that there was a lot of this mounting and dismounting action occurring in the WSS it looks like at least in the British army it was rare. I have been re-reading some of the literature I have to hand including Brent Nosworthy. It appears for game purposes they would most of the time either mounted or dismounted for the whole game, however in the early part of the period the dragoons were often used as mounted light infantry, bearing this in mind perhaps certain dragoon units could be classed as irregular with the ability to dismount as irregular infantry. Historically I suppose they actually took the place of the irregular light infantry / cavalry of the mid 18thC. I will experiment and let you know. Any thoughts on this post would of course be appreciated.

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Dragoons were not irregular infantry, though.  When they dismounted they formed and fought as if they were regular infantry unit. in theory they were fire-support for the cavalry, but were most commonly used as through the seventeenth century in le petit guerre, garrisoning villages and patrolling roads etc.  For big baattles they seem to have been used to secure key objectives and hold them (thinking the French dragoons at Blenheim - albeit that they were dismounted for the whole engagement - or, further back, Okey's at the civil war battle of Naseby).

I think that Sam has it; allow them to dismount as a formation change, recognising that this is likely to give you a seperate formation to have to activate during the game.  This should force you to use them in a historicla manner; either as cavalry alll the way through or to seize objectives and sit on them.

Besides I have already gone to the trouble of painting ddismounted satnds for my french dragoons, and, dam'me I'm goiing to use them!  ;)


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