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Hi Lads ....have any of you got any ideas how to incorporate Elephants in to the Maurice rules.....nodoubt they will be irregulars ;)

all replys welcome


The Battle of Plassey, fought on June 23rd 1757, between the British East India Co. and the Nawab of Bengal along with his French allies, was the decisive armed engagement of that century in the Indian subcontinent.

I think a Detachment with the appropiate combat value should work fine.

I was thinking a unit of 2 elephants (4BW wide) with a Combat value of 8; but only 3 disorders to destroy.  If the animal is mounted with a swivel-gun they get 1 die per base (2).  Finally, If they win a combat their opponent is automatically destroyed.  On the other hand, if they lose a combat they retire 4BW destroying any unit (friend or foe) in their path.

This is all speculation, you understand.  I haven't playtested these rules yet.  I'm only a week into re-basing my Nawab army (I like those naval guns mounted on oxen).  I'll let you know how the rules play out in a couple of weeks.

B. McFarlane

We played our first game with the Nawab's Royal Indian troops, last night and had to make a small tweek to our Elephant rules (see last post).  Because of horses adversion to elephants, elephants cannot be part of a force with cavalry.  So, we made elephants count as INFANTRY.  They can be grouped into force with infantry, they move like infantry but they punch like elite.  Strange as it sounds, this made them act and feel just like elephants (supported by flanking infantry)

Sounds like a good game :) ....a good chance for a DIY card ....interupt ...Stampeding Elephants? ;)



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