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Hi Lads.....last night I had a look at my ECW armies ...I had a solo game using Royalist and the New Model army :)

For the Royalists ....I used the Cavaliers and Maison Du Roi.

For the New Model army .....I used Steady Lads and Clerics.

The result was a very convincing game ... the Pike advanced rules seemed fine....but for me what I thought what worked well was the Command rules for forces, it reflected the period spot on!

Ok ...some of the action cards and events might seem a little Age of Lace ...but all in all the game was solid :).....the next time I'll have to do a Historical Battle and post a few pics :)


ps Sam if you ever find the time to release an ECW period specific set of cards Action, Events, Notables etc  ....then send me the bill ;)

Le Grand Fromage:
I know so little about the ECW that I could probably fit it into a single paragraph.

But if somebody else...  ahem....  were to do a variant, then I'd be happy to post it on the Downloads page.  Later, if there's a serious demand, we could look into a complete variant card-pack for it, with historical Notables, national advantages, special action and event cards, etc. 

Hi Sam....sounds good to me :)....I'm sure that all the other lads on the Forum will add some input :)


Well keeping in the Honour Tradition.....we've got Lasalle, then why not ....


Rupert of the Rhine is considered to have been a quick-thinking and energetic cavalry general, but ultimately undermined by his youthful impatience in dealing with his peers during the Civil War.

he was a bit of a character and a worthy Captain  :)


ps I wish I could find him on horseback instead of him in his skirt ;)

Le Grand Fromage:
He looks as if he's waiting for his nail polish to dry.


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