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Blücher Scenario Bucket / Re: Battle of Dennewitz - 6th September, 1813
« on: September 04, 2017, 12:07:45 PM »
Hi all, 

here some pictures of our weekend..


Blücher Scenario Bucket / Re: Battle of Dennewitz - 6th September, 1813
« on: September 02, 2017, 04:29:23 PM »
Hi all,

yesterday , we played Dennewitz. In Poitiers ( France) Very good game,  , great scenario, lot of fun..

Thanks for the your job.

Best regards.

Pictures one the next post..

Olivier M

Rules Questions / Re: Charging and visibility
« on: May 19, 2017, 09:30:27 AM »
cela se fait en 2 activations.

Premiere activation pour enlever l'unité qui bloque la Ligne de vue.
Seconde activation ( si tu as toujours des points ) charge de l'unité qui peut maintenant voir sa cible.

et non pas sur la même activation ..

Sorry to reply in french but he is an Empereur , not a King...  :P :P

Blücher: Other / Re: Army list calculator
« on: April 04, 2017, 11:53:47 AM »
here is the lastest version.

Olivier M


if you have OPEN OFFICE ,  you can try "the Army list calculator"..  I update it tonight with the new version.

Hi All,

it's always difficult to organize a tournament ,  and I think we can congratulate Lance for that.

We try to create a French tournament, and we think that Lance's terrain placement system seems good. Easy,  quickly , and balanced..

But to accelerate the game speed, we change the break point system.  More interest to take objectives ( lost objectives are cumulated to the losted units ) , and we count half a point to each retired units including artillery.

That's help a little the attackers.

thanks Lance and Sniper Pixie for the feedback.

Do you know what is the average of the numbers of turns by game ?

Because, during my preparation for the tournament, winning is very rare within the 2.5h time limit. ( around 10 turns) , and more frequent in 15 turns (3h).

Maybe the solution to gain a lot of time is to predefined the terrain.

It's also very strange to see that in your three games there was no infantry fight.
Pixie, you made one draw and 2 victories ? when you won, did you choose to be defender or attacker ? 
I was the winning Russian, and I'll keep my army composition secret in case I use it again  ;)

Even in PM for a little french player..  ::) ;D

Hi lance,

can we have a report of the tournament ? How many draw ?, victory ?,  compositions of the 3 first army ?

Olivier "french frustrated man" :-[

Rules Questions / Re: Visibility out of woods
« on: March 19, 2017, 01:06:15 PM »

I'm not absolutely looking for an house rule.  In this situation, as you said,  there is a lot of parameters. But during our last game ,  we have encounter 3 issues with the maximum of visibility when Units are in a wood,  or a BUA. 

Charge with oblique angle are common.
Unit in BUA too.
retreat and pursuit also.

The next turn, my opponent needs no MO to save his unit. For me ,i need at least 2 MO (2 turns ) to charge again. It's very difficult to attack in Blucher, ( Defending is easier) so if i can find something that could help players.

After severals games ( not more than you of course). I think that unfortunately , we must create an house rule for visibility outside a bua or a wood.

probably unit into a wood or BUA ,  can see outside if there is less than 1BW between the unit and the border of the wood or BUA. ?  Or Unit in a wood or BUA have 2BW of visibility if there is less than 1BW between the unit and the border of the wood or BUA ( that prevent to be shot at short range by artillery without the possibilty of charging her or to be able to charge first a unit in range)   

What other players think about that ?

Thanks Sam for your attention to this topic.

Rules Questions / Re: Visibility out of woods
« on: March 19, 2017, 04:05:34 AM »
the Blue upper right corner is within 1BW of the Red unit and outside the BUA. But the center of the BLUE unit, is IN the BUA and more than 1BW of the RED UNIT.  So Blue Unit cannot see the Red unit despite there is less than one BW between the 2 unit. 

Rules Questions / Re: Visibility out of woods
« on: March 18, 2017, 04:30:25 PM »
hello Sam,

effectively I missed something, because according to the rule P 63 , the Red unit can retreat as she do in the diagram. (2 bw straight to is rear) with no pivot ,  just a 180 turn after the retreat move.

For you where did she must retreated? 

And for the advance after combat, the blue unit must advance directly ahead as per rule p 62. If the 2 untis were perfectly aligned,  i will be agree with you.  But for this case,  i think we did it right.

Olivier M

Rules Questions / Re: Visibility out of woods
« on: March 18, 2017, 01:58:59 AM »
Hi ,

an other example who arrived yesterday during our game.  : ( see pdf attached file )

the blue brigade charge the red one into a BUA. She wins and pursuit one BW the red one who retreat straight away 2BW.
The center of the Blue brigade is still into the BUA .
In the Blue brigade's next turn ,  can i charge again the red brigade ?

According to the visibility rules the answer is NO . So no solution for me to force my opponent to take 2 Momentum points to prevent me to charge again the rear of his red brigade.

Did we miss something?   

Rules Questions / Re: Visibility out of woods
« on: March 17, 2017, 08:52:17 AM »
But surely in the case of the reserve move, this is all quite reasonable?
A brigade* deployed in woods or buildings isn't going to be in a position to quickly move out to threaten enemy, which is what the 4BW limit represents.
Also the unit in woods or building will likely have friends to its left and right, which will stop the enemy deploying too close? How often is there an isolated brigade in woods?
In all the games of Blucher I've played units form lines (often more than one line), so it doesn't matter what the visibility of the guys in cover is - their nearby friends will stop reserves deploying too close.

* Also, let's not forget that the units are brigades. Was a whole brigade ever actually deployed in woods in the Napoleonic wars? I can't think of an instance.

Hi Steve,

that's just an example. We can also imagine that a scout tell to his commander,  "hey , i see one infantery 's brigade who wants to run near the wood."  What do we do ? nothing they are already past and now they are flanking us. ..

You said that in reality, the brigade was not entirely deployed in the wood. So probably some mans have seen what's happen outside the wood.   

I think that the 4BW distance was created to give the possibility to react unless you are covering your action 

The only positive argument i find with this visibilty rule , is to be a game accelerator. ( attacking a village with only 2 moves vs 4 moves if you can see outside normaly )

I will try again during my next game, but it's very difficult for me to understand that it's easier to see  trought 1BW of a wood when you are far away, , instead to see faraway when you are into the wood ( or a BUA)  for only 1 millimeter.   

Maybe I misunderstand the concept of the 4BW distance for the reserve move.

Thank you all for answering me ,  with lot of patience. .


Olivier M

Rules Questions / Re: Visibility out of woods
« on: March 16, 2017, 01:58:43 PM »

Agree with you. Errata only if there is a mistake ,  and FAQ only to explain some specifical rules. I don't want to change the rules . Just want to understand them .

For me the issue is not for firing or charging. Xccam gave to me some explanation that make sens for me.   The issue is only  for mouvement, and specially for Reserve move. Due to the lack of visibilty , you can in one reserve move, stop just 1BW away to a BUA or a Wood held by an ennemy unit because it doesn't see more than 1BW.  Than next turn you will be charge. During this time , you cannot fire ( why not, I can understand that ) ,and you cannot charge the ennemy unit because there is more than a BW and you can't see your opponent.

You authorize to charge without movement penalties ( agree with that) .But  A unit out of a wood can charge a unit in a wood by moving 2BW if there is just less than 1BW into the wood. But a unit at the border of a wood cannot charge 2BW outside the wood with only some milimeters throught the wood. 

So no risk to be outside the wood if you are at more than 1BW.

I try to make a diagram , because my poor english doesn't help me to explain to you what i mean..

Example: the red brigade in the wood,  doesn't control the place between the edge of the table and the wood. And cannot prevent the blue brigade to make a reserve move to flank the red brigade.  just because the red brigades doesn't see more than 1BW.  And even if the red brigade in the wood facing the Blue brigade ,  it's impossible to charge the blue brigade due to the 1BW visibility.

Rules Questions / Re: Visibility out of woods
« on: March 16, 2017, 06:18:18 AM »
Dear Sam,

I agree with you , nobody like to be insulted. I don't know the "Duke" but I'm pretty sur it was not his intention.

Concerning the House rules, they have not my favor. Because , if everybody making house rules, nobody play with the same rules and it becames difficult to play with other players. That's why I prefer ERRATA , FAQ and Clarifications.

I wan't to organize a tournament in France. that's why i'm asking a lot of question.

If you remembered something special about this rule,  that can help me to defend it.

Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards.
Olivier M

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