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From Wiki:

The Battle of Leipzig or Battle of the Nations, on 16–19 October 1813, was fought by the coalition armies of Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden against the French army of Napoleon at Leipzig, Saxony. Napoleon's army also contained Polish and Italian troops as well as Germans from the Confederation of the Rhine. The battle marked the culmination of the fall campaign of 1813 during the German campaign and involved over 600,000 soldiers, making it the largest battle in Europe prior to World War I.

The Anniversary will be Celebrated in October next Year in and around Leipzig.

"Sunday, 20 October 2013
Living History

Approx. 6,000 participants dressed in Napoleonic-era uniform will bring the events of that fateful October to life. In Markkleeberg, Liebertwolkwitz and at other sites surrounding Leipzig, the actual events of the battle will be remembered with reenactments – as well as the day-to-day military life and the citizens’ living environments around 1813 – and all this begins on the 17th of October."

I will visit this for sure, but of course it is not so far away from my home. But there are Flights from
London-Heathrow to Leipzig-Halle from Germanwings for around 70€.

If someone is interested and need some Help (maybe for a Hotel, etc.) don´t hesitate to send me a PM.



Maurice: Optional and House Rules / Actions for three Forces in One Turn?
« on: September 18, 2012, 02:39:58 AM »

I have read a Review over the Maurice Rules on a German Tabletop Forum.
Overall, the Author liked the Rules, but was unsatisfied that he could only activate one Force for an Action in a turn. For me this is also a  point of critique, so I thought if it is possible to make a House rule were you can activate up to three Forces in a turn, as long as you have enough Cards/BW .
You only draw new Cards for the Action of the First Force, if you pass to activate any other Forces, you can take one more Card per Force.
And you have to declare all Actions for the three Forces at the beginning, like:

"Artillery Force 1 will Bombard, Infantry Force 2 will March and Cavalry Force 1 will Carge..."

What do you think, is this a possibility without dislocating the Rules to much?



Maurice Rules Questions / Removal of Casualties
« on: June 21, 2012, 02:44:06 AM »
I ordered Yesterday my copy of the full rulebook, and only overview the Lite version.
Is it so that you only remove Units if they have received four Disruption Markers? ???
That would mean i could rally a Unit with 3 disruption Markers back to full strength with a bit of luck? How does it work exactly?



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