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Maurice: Other / Bagpipers in the French Irish Brigade?
« Last post by JonathanLB on April 23, 2017, 10:45:27 PM »
As I was searching the internet for primary sources for the battle of Fontenoy, I kept bumping into stories, with no footnotes (of course), of the Irish barreling forward into a hail of Anglo/Hanoverian musketry behind war pipes playing the white cockade. Now, at first I dismissed it as nonsense, but apparently, there are claims of the Irish having pipes all through the WSS and up until Fontenoy. Is this rubbish or is there truth to it? What would an Irish piper be wearing in 1745?

Any idea about primary sources from the Brigade at the battle wold help

Longstreet Scenario Bucket / Bristoe Station, 14 October 1863
« Last post by Hejnał on April 23, 2017, 03:25:19 PM »
It's been a while since anybody posted here but in case people are still looking, here is the scenario and battle report for our latest Longstreet game, Bristoe Station .
I keep saying it but only because it's true: Longstreet is a masterpiece. Sam, you are a truly excellent games designer.
General Discussion and Announcements / Re: Divisional assets
« Last post by Brennall on April 23, 2017, 09:09:50 AM »
I had an oddly similar day at Salute, GHQ figures at Magister Militum, German and American armies, while my friend got his British army.

Time to paint them all, then work out a basing strategy that will work nicely with other systems.

General Discussion and Announcements / Re: Divisional assets
« Last post by Ilchester on April 23, 2017, 06:29:29 AM »
I bought all the divisional assets I need from Heroics and Ros at Salute in London yesterday. I just have to assemble, base and paint about 25 guns - field, medium and nebelwerfers for Russians, Germans and USA.
They had a beautiful new range of British paras, humm do I want to add an elite airborne division to my British? No - wait for the rules I think.
Imagi-Nations / Re: our succession wars begins - 4 players
« Last post by cae5ar on April 22, 2017, 04:17:55 AM »
Photos of the last battle between Austrians and Prussians here:
Imagi-Nations / Re: our succession wars begins - 4 players
« Last post by garyp on April 21, 2017, 11:10:23 PM »
Peace, let the bells toll, Peace in all the land! Well, for a little while anyway.

After our second round of battles in the First War of Succession, the French and Austrian Alliance has seen the error of their aggressive, expansionist policies and sued for peace after a double defeat at the hands of the Russian and Prussian armies. Amid much forelock tugging and kowtowing, all parties swore everlasting peace and co-operation and promptly headed off to rebuild their forces and persuade their respective monarchs of the inevitability of their ultimate victory by force of arms!

Interestingly it was the Russians who, obviously confused by the carnage of their battle with the Austrians the previous month, and a propensity to not know left from right, had retreated to the West rather than to the East and subsequently found themselves facing the French army ensconced around another Chateau again rumoured to contain considerable quantities of fine red wine and so deserving of a stalwart defence. The Russian advance on the French left yielded quick victories but soon ran out of momentum as the defence stiffened around that damnable Chateau and its liquid treasure. Counter attacks by the French Guards heroically led by Sir James Chaffee soon had the Russians regrouping and feeling the pressure. Alas, after stepping out in front of his troops for the umpteenth time to exhort just one more push, the Russian musketeers finally silenced Chaffee’s rants with several well placed musket balls. Now a genius flanking move by the Russian cavalry again silenced most of the French Artillery Academy and brought the affair to the brink of closure -  French Morale on 1, Russian on 6. A stirring speech by the CinC of the French army delivered in only slightly slurred speech roused the French soldiery and increased their morale 100% to 2! Another loss saw French morale slip again to 1, a Russian cavalry unit was obliterated by musketry and Russian morale teetered on 3. A last charge by the remaining Russian cavalry took down a French Infantry unit and finally their morale broke – Russia 3, France defeated.

In the South the Prussians hastened to support their Russian comrades and intercept the pursuing Austrians. The course of the battle may well have been predicted when the Prussians won the initiative against an Austrian +2 superiority in scouting. Once the Austrians had deployed and committed their considerably superior (in both numbers and quality) Cavalry force to their left flank, the Prussians promptly deployed their own cavalry as far away as possible on the opposite flank and covered the Austrian line with their own Lethally Volleyed superior infantry and Grande battery. Of course marching ones cavalry into such a hailstorm would be quite silly but regardless, the Prussians were a little surprised when the Austrian cavalry about faced and headed over to the other flank seeking out those Prussians now pre-occupied with maintaining their lines in perfect order. This relocation of the Austrian mounted did however take several actions and the Prussian infantry did not hesitate to advance into musket range of the now mostly conscript Austrian infantry after the battle last month against the Russians. The Austrian foot could not retrograde fast enough and soon felt the full rathe of those lethal volleys with several lucky rounds of firing reeking considerable carnage amongst their ever diminishing ranks. As the Austrian mounted rounded the right flank of their army and advanced on the Prussian cavalry now in the most absolutely perfect straight lines ever witnessed on any battlefield, the Prussian guns and a couple of infantry units came into action in support of their social betters on horseback. The subsequent clash of horses and men, charge and counter charge, was appropriately deadly. However the narrow frontage of the Prussian mounted plus the assistance of the Prussian infantry all contributed to dulling the advantage of numbers and quality enjoyed by the Austrians (and a couple of very lucky rally rolls for the Prussians helped as well). As the dust settled 3 Austrian cavalry had been shattered including 2 Elite Cuirassier units for the loss of only one Prussian Hussar unit, and the remaining Prussians were in reasonably good order courtesy of those opportune Rallies. On the other flank the remaining Conscript Austrian Infantry tried as best they could to blend into the scenery to avoid further attention from the Prussian musketry. The Austrian General now suggested that the worsening weather plus interminable saddle soreness should see an end to hostilities. The Prussian leadership quickly acquiesced to an honourable evacuation of the battlefield with colours, weapons and baggage train intact (minus a few trophies of course – damn nice gilding and braid on those Austrian scabbards!) – all soldiers returned to their campfires and bratwurst.

In Campaign terms the twin victories by the Russian/Prussian Alliance result signalled the end of the War. All armies now returned all Conscript units back to Trained status for the opening of renewed hostilities once alliances and battle match ups have been determined – this time influenced most astutely by Russia (Daniel now being the First Player).

The standing of the Nations after the first War is Prussian on 9 EP, Austria on 5 EP, Russia on 4 EP, and France on 2 EP.

Our next campaign night is scheduled approximately towards the end of May by which time I hope to have the bulk of an Ottoman army available. We know that Alan would like to join our merry dance with his Swedes so again, if anyone else is keen for some Maurice once a month to keep our numbers even, we can provide either the Prussians or most of an Ottomans army for your campaigning pleasure.

Again, I accept no responsibility for the errors or exaggerations included above – history is written by the person who takes the time to compose It! Hopefully Ralph will be able to provide some visuals of proceedings as we were missing our resident photographer in Alan.

Many thanks to Peter for an entertaining game (I am sorry it was less fun for him on the night) and to the Campaigners generally for what is proving to be a very interesting mechanism to generate variable and consequential games. Regards to All, gary

Imagi-Nations / Re: our succession wars begins - 4 players
« Last post by garyp on April 21, 2017, 11:10:00 PM »
Thanks for the feedback guys - pictures are available on "sparkerswargamesblogspot" and "the stronghold rebuild" - sorry about not posting links - that is beyond my very limited IT skill which still languishes in the 1990's.

The write up of our second round of battles from the first War follows below. gary
General Discussion and Announcements / Re: Cards
« Last post by Ilchester on April 21, 2017, 11:02:01 AM »
Topdowns from Junior General are the answer, just about everything in WW2 you could want is available and you can vary the size to fit your table and then print them out for pennies and glue them to card. See
Blücher Optional Rules / Re: Skirmish fire in woods/BUA
« Last post by Lowroller on April 21, 2017, 05:31:45 AM »

The second idea in blocks would you only fire out the front of the unit like prepared units or out any or all sides?

Hmmm... that's a good point, and maybe we accept that the defenders would be distributed around a perimeter in any single-space BUA, so effect would be minimal on a brigade scale.  In a larger one, they may be occupying deeper spaces, so too few would be near the edges to fire out with any great effect. It is admittedly easier to simply disallow the firing. I'm sure Sam and the playtesters considered all sorts of options.
General Discussion and Announcements / Re: Cards
« Last post by Le Grand Fromage on April 21, 2017, 05:30:08 AM »
Size is potentially an issue.  In card printing, anything other than the standard sizes is considerably more expensive.

I could easily do some "standard" card sets on DriveThru such as:  "German Panzer Korps, 1943" or "US Armored Division 1944" and so on. But they'd be 3.5" X 2.5" poker cards, and would dwarf any 15mm bases that were put on them.

In other words, they'd work only for those people who want to use the cards exclusively, and who don't have any interest in using figures...  OR for those people using 25mm figures and very large table squares.

I'd also need to give a lot of thought to how the sets would be composed. No matter how I organize them, they'll be "wrong" for most players. For example: if I sell a "Fallschirmjäger Division" pack, then the guys who only want one small FJ Kampfgruppe will complain that they shouldn't have to buy the whole division....  but Hey, where's the Tiger company that I want to attach to it?  Do you really expect me to buy the whole "German Corps Assets" pack just to get one Tiger??   

If the packs are too large, people will complain that they have to buy a bunch of stuff they don't want.  But if the packs are too small, then they'll complain that it's not economically feasible, given the cost of shipping, to buy such small and pricey sets.

Multiply that times the number of nationalities and the number of Periods of the war, and you get a staggering number of sets.
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