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--- Quote from: straylight on April 13, 2012, 11:59:14 PM ---personally, I think it looks much nicer to have the grenadiers and the voltiguers on the flanks, so go for it. But I don't think it matters in Lasalle.


--- End quote ---

Your right it makes no difference to the game but it does to the visuals - this is the kind of thing some people agonize over. With 4 bases and is using 8 figs to a base, there is no good math way of making the 6 companies visually work cleanly. I have been looking and trying to decide what to do around this myself.

Such is the fun of the painting French troops. :)


How many figures do you have in a standard French battalion? Maybe that is where the difference is, I have 24 figures, seem some are using 32 or even 36 figs.

We use 32 for 15mm in the local group - 4 bases of 8 figures. Skirmishers are then additional to those. That's why the math is hard as 32/6 is not a nice number. I'm thinking I may just use 1 company per base at present - but I'll figure it out when I get to finish my first unit which is on the painting table now.


you may want to consider 36 figs per unit 1:20 scale, the numbers will work out much better. Then you can mount 6 figs per base total 6 bases. 24 fusiliers including command and then have 6 Grenadiers and 6 voltigeurs. Those numbers work out better than 32 which is a 1:45 scale.

The 6 per base is pictured as an option with Lasalle but, starts to get expensive, LOL. I am going to start with 24 per battalion and once the Division is done. I can just start adding on to make them 36.


I'd been thinking about 30mm bases with 8 infantry per base (10mm) but am now considering having 36 figure battalions of 6 25mm bases each of 6 figures per base (which also works with GdB).  I need to do some testing though.




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