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Basing units

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How would you chaps go about basing a standard four base British Regiment of Foot? Does this seem acceptable?

        LL              LL

C's constuting the Center companies, G the Grenadier Company, L's the Light Company deployed as skirmishers, and finaly F's being the Kings and Regimental Colours while O and S are the Officer and Colour Sergeant.

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In our club, we've found a simple way of showing the SK value of a battalion : since the number of skirmish bases of a battalion has no influence on the game, we have only one skirmish base for each battailon with either one figurine on it if it is a SK1, 2 figurines for a SK2, 3 for a SK3.

 It also saves us buying extra figurines...and having the table loaded with SK bases that get in the way.


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