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Morale in Multi-Division Games.

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JKS in san diego:
When playing large historical games, like Tod Creasy's Raevsky redoubt and others, should morale break points be calculated based on each division searately, or should it be applied only to the army as a whole?

I'd think it would work better on a per-division basis.


--- Quote from: pyruse on August 13, 2012, 03:14:15 AM ---I'd think it would work better on a per-division basis.

--- End quote ---

I believe it's for the whole army though.

As the Morale Break ru;es determine who won the game it seems it'd have to be army-wide. Unless you REALLY want to point the finger of blame...
 Besides, how'd you handle the effects of failure? Just pick up the broken division's troops from the table? Force the broken division to mperform a fighting withdrawal? Something else? Multi-division games are gonna be complex enough as it is.

I played in Tod's game, and yes, the morale was for the whole army.



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