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I might be missing something obvious in reading through this, but what is the approximate time scale of a pair of turns (one for each side)? I can't find a reference to this. Given the movement rates in ground scale when comparing formation widths, base widths, etc, it must be fairly short. Using the roughest of rough math, a 2 BW movement allowance in line means a line is moving something in the neighborhood of 100 yards/meters per turn. This isn't much.

The main reason I ask is because of how I would like to use these rules. Much of the way things are laid out is around tournament style points games, in which I have no interest (at least not for Napoleonics). But our little group has played LaSalle a few times and it has been an enjoyable (if fumbling) experience thus far. We are more interested in playing historical (or historical-ish) scenarios. In that realm, some idea of time scale is crucial.

Thanks, --Eric

Le Grand Fromage:
The game is played in real time.

If it took you 3 hours to complete 20 turns, then 20 turns = 3 hours.





Le Grand Fromage:
Seriously, though, that's the answer.  That was always the intent.

Thank you for the response, but I'm not sure it helps me get any closer to what I was looking for. Playing a game with 2 players on a side, and 5-6 brigades per side, even accounting for our newness to the rules, seems to make the ground scale irreconcilable to anything resembling real time. Perhaps it is simply a matter of us trying to play the game in a way in which it was not intended.

I will try to figure out something reasonable on my own.


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