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Assaulting Towns seems unusally easy.  Am I doing something wrong?
Deployed Defender, 1/2 dice when shooting, Hard Cover; +2 Cover Combat Advantage modifier to Combat.
Attacker in Attack Column, 2 dice when shooting, no cover; no Combat Advantages modifiers to Combat.

So for Shooting and Combat, a Town is like an all-around wall, except the defender is worse for shooting?

I believe you are right - just remember the defender never falls back if deployed in a town.

Am I also doing everything right ?

1) I attack a defended town during my Activity phase with a battalion in attack column.

2) During the opponent's Combat phase, I win and enter the town (2BW). The unit is completely in the town and immediately changes to March column.

3) During my next  Activity phase, if not attacked, I change to a Deployed formation.

Is this OK ?

Looks right to me.


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